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Cork City Dental is a dental practice in Cork City with locations on Lavitt's Quay and Blackpool Bridge. Our aim is simple - to provide high quality, gentle and affordable dentistry in a relaxed and friendly environment.

We provide a wide range of both routine and cosmetic dental treatments and aim to see any emergencies as promptly as possible.

Our dental treatments include Invisalign, 6 Month Smiles,
the Inman Aligner, Tooth Whitening and Veneers.

We thank all existing patients for their loyal support of our practice over the years and extend a warm welcome to all new patients.

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Invisalign iPad Winner!

Nicola Doogan

6 Month Braces Smile of the Month - Before   6 Month Braces Smile of the Month - After  
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6 Month Braces Smile of the Month - Before   6 Month Braces Smile of the Month - After  
After   Winner!  

My Invisalign journey started last Christmas when I met a friend who had just got train tracks. Being in my 30's, it wasn't something I really felt I could wear but was determined to do something to fix my crooked front teeth before the end of 2011! After a bit if research I came across Invisalign and thought it sounded suitable so I rang around dentists in Cork, Kerry and Waterford to check out pricing. Some were very vague, one told me between €5k and €7k which is fine if you don't mind not knowing what the end bill will be! However, I was on a bit of a budget so needed a more definite answer. Cork City Dental gave me a fixed price and were by far the cheapest in the three counties so made an appointment on the spot.

My first consultation at Cork City Dental was great. They told me that I would be suitable for the Invisalign and we had a good chat about the braces. On my next visit I got impressions made to send off and they took some 'before' pics. About four weeks later I was back in to get my first set. To be honest, the first couple of days were a little sore but after that I had no problems. I had 14 sets which I had to change every two weeks and I went in about five times during the treatment to get a little filing done which wasn't at all painful and is over very quickly. I am now finished my treatment almost and can't believe the difference in my teeth for such a painless, easy 6 months.

The Invisalign are fantastic in so many ways. The main advantage for me was that you dont look like you are wearing braces but to be honest, I was pointing them out to people as I was so impressed by them! Also being able to take them out for eating and brushing was great. I actually wouldn't know 99p.c of the time that I was wearing them.

I couldn't recommend these highly enough, I am totally thrilled with the results. To see my 'after' pics now makes me wonder why I didn't do it years ago!! Cork City Dental were very professional and pleasant to deal with.