Mouthguard Ireland

Teen Guard

The teen guard is especially suitable for young athletes at the beginning of their sport career or hobby.

Athletic Sports Guard

This sports guard is a high quality shock absorbing mouthguard designed for competitive sports people with attitude. Available in club colours.

Customer Care

All our mouth guards are designed to accommodate the patients unique dental pattern based on their personal impressions. The result is a custom fit sports guard made to the athletes on requirements. In top competition where focus and rapid respiratory recovery is demanded, comfort and protection is a premium. All children, teenagers and adults have different shaped jaws and teeth and a custom fabricated mouthguard is important for fit, comfort and protection.

The total rehabilitation cost of a knocked out tooth is vast in comparison to the preventative cost for a custom fitted mouthguard that ensures proper protection.

90 Day Check Up

At Cork City Dental, all of our products are made using the highest quality materials. As part of our customer service programme we invite you to attend the clinic within 90 days of fitting your mouthguard to discuss performance and ensure complete satisfaction.

This full clinical exam will be free of charge. At Cork City Dental, your entire consultation is managed by a principal practioner.

Sports Related Injuries

Knocked out teeth; if a tooth can be replanted within minutes after the accident there is a greater chance the tooth will be retained for life. The Americen Assoc of Endodontics recommends re implanting the fully formed tooth if it has been stored in milk, saline or saliva even up to 60min outside the mouth. After an accident a tooth should be picked up by the crown NOT the root and gently rinsed in milk or water then stored in milk and brought immediately to the dentist.